January 28, 2021: Liquid Nitrogen Leak Kills Six in Gainesville, GA

A liquid nitrogen leak at Prime-Pak Foods Inc., a food packing plant in Gainesville, Georgia, has left at least six people dead and hospitalized nine others.
According to Zachary Brackett, spokesperson for Hall County Fire Services, authorities initially responded to a report of burns but quickly updated the call to a hazardous materials response due to the number of employees being evacuated and the fact that several people were experiencing “medical emergencies around the facility”. Correcting earlier reports, Mr. Brackett confirmed that there was no explosion at the plant. The cause of the leak is currently under investigation.
A total of 130 people were taken to a local church to be evaluated by the medial team. Five people died at the plant, one person died in the emergency room of the hospital, five employees were admitted to the hospital, and four firefighters were admitted for “respiratory complaints”.

At least 6 dead, 9 hospitalized in Georgia after liquid nitrogen leak at plant

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