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January 25, 2021: State of Arkansas Sued California Trucking Company Over Bridge Collapse

The State of Arkansas and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission have filed a lawsuit against US Citylink Corp., a California-based trucking company, and Harjinder Singh, one of its drivers.
According to the lawsuit, on January 30, 2019 Mr. Singh was hauling processed chicken through Ola, Arkansas. His GPS instructed him to drive over the Dale Bend Bridge. Despite multiple warning signs that the bridge’s weight limit was 6 tons, Mr. Singh drove his 38 ton truck across the bridge and caused it to collapse. Local residents are now forced to take a 12-mile detour. This has caused the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to have an increase in staffing needs and costs.
The lawsuit claims “Upon information and belief, based on the past driving record of defendant Singh and the obvious disregard for known and posted weight limits, defendant’s actions rise to the level of grossly negligent, willful, wanton, reckless, malicious and/or intentional conduct…” 

Trucking company and driver sued after following GPS onto 6 ton bridge, causing collapse

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