FRA HazMat Alerts Proposed Rules

December 18, 2020: (NPRM) Positive Train Control Systems

The Federal Railroad Administration is proposing revisions to the positive train control (PTC) regulations.
The first revision would modify the process that a host railroad would need to follow in order to submit a request for amendment (RFA) to FRA before making changes to the PTC Safety Plan or the PTC system.
The second revision focuses on enabling more effective FRA oversight. This will be accomplished by increasing the frequency of reporting requirements from annual to biannual. Reporting requirements would be expanded to include positive performance-related information rather than just focusing on failure-related information. Additionally, it will require host railroads to utilize a new, standardized Biannual Report of PTC System Performance (Form FRA F 6180.152).
Interested parties may submit comments on the proposed rule until February 16, 2021.

Docket No. FRA–2019–0075

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