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November 27, 2020: Norfolk Southern Train Derailed in Wayne Township, Ohio

A Norfolk Southern freight train derailed and shut down part of US 127 in Wayne Township, OH early Friday morning.
Twelve of the forty cars derailed into a field. Most of the derailed cars contained auto parts or were empty grain cars, however there were tanker cars on the train that were loaded with hazardous materials. Luckily, the tanker cars did not derail and there were no leaks.
Railroad officials and Butler County emergency responders agree that the incident could have been so much worse. Jeff DeGraff, spokesman for Norfolk Souther, said “I will never say we are fortunate with a derailment. We are always working to avoid that, and when it does happen it is an unfortunate event that we want to rectify as quickly as possible. Obviously it is a better environment in a wide-open space.” Butler County Emergency Management Director, Matt Haverkos, went on to say “There are waterways and high voltage power lines in that area. The train managed to snake around all of it.”
The cause of the derailment is currently under investigation.

Officials: 12-car train derailment in Butler County could have been disastrous

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