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November 24, 2020: CSX Train Derailed in North Baltimore, MD

Just after 7:00 pm last night a CSX freight train that was headed to Philadelphia derailed near W. 24th and Sisson streets. Twenty-one of the 109 cars derailed. They were all either empty cars or loaded with pulpwood or sand. There were no hazardous materials on board the train and no injuries were reported.
City Fire Chief, Roman Clark, said “It stretches pretty far. You have over 100 cars, so it stretches pretty far. I didn’t get an estimate of miles, but you have over 100 cars so you can imagine its pretty long, Currently, we do know that the engineer is pretty far up the road and we still have cars further back down the tracks.” The fire department walked the length of the train to examine the tracks and cars in order to ensure there was nothing leaking from the derailed cars that could pose a threat to the neighborhood nearby. The cause of the derailment is currently under investigation.

City fire crews respond to train derailment in North Baltimore

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