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June 7, 2020: Norfolk Southern Train Derials in Roanoke, VA

A Norfolk Southern freight train derailed under the Fifth Street Bridge in Roanoke, VA on Sunday morning. Twenty seven of the 147 coal cars derailed. Firefighters rushed to determine if any hazardous materias were on board the train but thankfully it was only hauling coal. There was no immediate threat to local residents.
Capt. Scott Donoho, of the Fort Lewis Volunteer Fire Department, stated “The engineer said he didn’t even feel the cars jump the track but he knew there’d been a derailment because the train stopped itself.”
Norfolk Southern spokesman, Robin Chapmin, said “a series of hoses, called the “train line,” runs the entire length of the train, and if two cars separate, the hose separates and the train line loses air pressure. That loss causes the brakes on all the cars to automatically apply, which brings the train to a stop.”
There were no injuries reported and the only damage done was to Norfolk Southern property. The exact cause of the derailment is currently under investigation.

NS train derails in Va.

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