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August 4, 2019: Two Pedestrians Struck by Norfolk Southern Train in PA

A Norfolk Southern train struck two pedestrians in Fairview Township, PA. The two men were fishing on the railroad bridge right before the accident. One of the men was killed and his body was recovered about 4o feet down an embankment. The other man was taken to a local hospital but the status of his injuries is unknown at this time.
Rachel McDonnell Bradshaw, spokeswoman for Norfolk Southern, said “Norfolk Southern reminds the public that it is extremely dangerous, and also trespassing, to walk on or within the right-of-way of railroad tracks. People should cross tracks only at designated crossings and use extreme caution at all times.”
While there is no fence to prevent access to the tracks, Norfolk Southern has installed barriers to make it more difficult to access them. A staircase was also built to provide fishermen with access to the creek without needing to cross the railroad tracks.

Train strikes two people in York County; kills one, injures other

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