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June 19, 2019: Train Carrying Bombs and Hazardous Materials Derails In Nevada

A train carrying munitions and hazardous materials derailed in Nevada.
According to the Nevada Highway Patrol it involved nine flat cars, two tankers and three box cars. The number of cars that were off the track has not been determined.
The rear cars which carried the bombs, sodium nitrate and hand grenades stayed on the track.
Parts of I-80 were temporarily closed due to a white powdery substance being released into the air.
It was later determined that the substance was aluminum oxide, which is a skin irritant but not hazardous.
Union Pacific Railroad, the owner of the track, said vegetable oil, the aluminum oxide and some diesel were spilled.
Kristen South, spokeswoman for UP, said the railroad is working on cleaning up the site but no timeline has been determined for completion.
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