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December 21, 2018: Minister of Transport Moves to Improve Fatigue Management for Railway Employees

The Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, has instructed Canadian railways to make any revisions necessary to ensure the Work/Rest Rules for Railway Operating Employees aligns with the latest science and fatigue management practices. He stated “The science on fatigue has evolved considerably since the Work/Rest Rules for Railway Operating Employees were first put into place in 2002. We now have a better understanding of the extent to which fatigue can affect human performance and ultimately compromise railway safety. We need to make changes now.”
The Ministerial Order listed specific elements that should be included in the revisions. Those elements are the length of a duty period, split duty/split shifts, minimum rest period, cumulative time on duty, minimum time free from work, advance notice of work schedules, and fatigue management plans.

Minister of Transport moves to improve fatigue management for railway employees

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