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August 8, 2018: NTSB Concludes Investigation into Deadly Bus/Train Collision in Mississippi

The National Transportation Safety Board concluded its investigation into the 2017 accident in Biloxi, Mississippi between a CSX freight train and a bus. The accident occurred when the bus became stuck trying to cross the railroad tracks and was struck by the freight train. The collision killed four people and injured a total of 41 passengers.
According to NTSB, both the city and the railroad share responsibility for the collision because they failed to properly communicate and take appropriate action when they were notified that between 2014-2017 approximately 20 vehicles had gotten stuck at the grade crossing on Main Street where the accident occurred.
A total of eleven safety recommendations were issued by NTSB at the conclusion of this investigation. Among the recommendations were to increase the number of warning signs at the high-grade crossings, providing pre-trip safety briefings for buses, and warnings to the railroad conductors that there are numerous steep grade crossings in the city.

NTSB says CSX and city of Biloxi share blame in deadly bus/train collision


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