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March 6, 2018: Tractor-Trailer Carrying Hydrochloric Acid Collides with CSX Train

Just over a dozen residents in Centerville Pennsylvania are being evacuated following a collision between a tractor-trailer carrying 44,600 pounds of hydrochloric acid and a CSX train. Roads are being closed in the area and a hazmat team has been dispatched to the accident site.
Hydrochloric acid is typically used in the production of cleaning products and is corrosive to eyes, skin, and mucous membranes. Inhaling the fumes can burn the esophagus and stomach.
The driver of the tractor-trailer was airlifted to a local hospital, two people were also taken to the hospital, and eight people were treated for exposure at the scene.

Train hits tractor-trailer carrying hydrochloric acid in Washington County

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