Why do some run into the burning building when everyone else is running out? Because some love, cherish and value life so much that they will seek to save yours.

Why do some examine the residue following a disaster when everyone else just wants to forget the damage and leave the trauma behind? Because some who’ve grown in knowledge and wisdom are choosing to resolve issues and problems and avoid the next disaster or recurrence.

Why do some demand safety, security and compliance when everyone else is just trying to get the job done well enough to “go home?” Because some recognize risk and long to limit injury and liability.

If you ship by truck, train, boat or plane or if you simply need to dispose of batteries, paint, spray cans or even nail polish remover you can’t avoid the requirement to comply with the laws that companies are required to follow. You must comply. And if your company’s name is on the packaging…you need to talk to STARS.

No one wants to harm anyone by making a simple mistake.
Don’t make one now…call STARS hotline:

(844) 88-STARS

STARS President and Founder, Wendy Buckley has made a career out of running into burning buildings and confronting danger. It started at the local firehouse working part time when going to college. Then getting serious about serious work (chemistry & physics) Wendy found her way inside the FRA (the Federal Railroad Administration within the Department of Transportation) eventually working Hazmat. The goal as an agent inside the government is to “earn your keep.” On the outside that means sighting what is non-compliant, fining law breakers and then bringing them back into compliance. It’s possible that an organization has made an egregious error but it is more probable that someone simply made a mistake. Either way no matter the reason fines, fees, penalties and interest will be mandated.  Why something was done incorrectly does not matter when it comes to compliance. It’s right or wrong… black or white. No matter who has done what doesn’t matter to the Government’s Compliance Director. Either way, if the organization is “not in compliance” it will cease and desist and compliance will be immediate or you may find yourself paying inspectors in the field to continue to fine you so long as the fines, fees, penalties and interest more than pay for the cost of the field personnel, and it will. You might call that the cost of doing business. In any event, STARS can eliminate your problem. Give them a call.