Purchasing or Leasing?

Let us help you protect your bottom line!

If you’re purchasing or leasing cars, you want to know you’re getting your money’s worth! Whether they are brand new builds or used cars, they are expensive assets and they should last 40-50 years. You need to be sure they will operate as intended for their remaining life span. 

If you’re leasing cars, you will should document the condition of the cars before the first build to help eliminate problems when you go to turn them in at the end of the lease. 

We will inspect the entire car, top to bottom, inside and out to make sure you’re getting what you expect. We can also help ensure you have all the valves and fittings you need to ensure a seamless loading and unloading process for both you and your customer or supplier!

One client was buying a brand new fleet of tank cars fresh from the builder. We discovered a serious error in the build process and saved them $60 million dollars! Don’t make the same mistake – let us help! The earlier in the process we get involved, the better!

Lease Turn-In?

You don’t want to be charged for damage you did not cause or pay astronomical fees for cleaning or remediation. Let us inspect the cars and help you negotiate with the car owner and/or shop to help keep your charges reasonable or eliminate them altogether.

We saved one client from paying $30-40k per car for 15 cars!!! That’s over half a million dollars!! What can we save you?

We Can Save You Time, Money, and Headaches!

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