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May 17, 2022: Train’s Fuel Tank Punctured During Fall River Derailment

A Mass Coastal Railroad freight train hauling hazardous materials struck a fallen tree in Fall River, MA on Monday night. The impact caused the train to derail. The 1,800 gallon fuel tank was punctured during the derailment. Around 300 gallons of diesel fuel spilled onto the ground. The train’s crew was uninjured and the spill has been contained.
Fall River Police Department released the following statement: “It is important to note that the train’s cargo is intact. The environmental impact of the spilled diesel fuel is the primary concern at this point.”

Train’s fuel tank punctured during derailment caused by fallen tree in Fall River, Massachusetts

May 16, 2022: Traffic Accident in Boston Caused 90-Gallon Fuel Spill

The Boston Fire Department responded to an accident on Southampton St. that resulted in a fuel spill. Authorities said a car collided with a tractor trailer around 10 am on Monday. The accident caused a puncture to the tractor trailer’s fuel tank. Around 90 gallons of diesel fuel spilled onto the street.
Officials closed the road and surrounding areas while they contained the spill. Control zones were established as early as possible and will be monitored throughout the incident. One of the drivers was transported to a local hospital.

Tractor-trailer crash causes 90-gallon fuel spill in Boston (video), authorities say spill is a level 2 hazmat situation

May 16, 2022: Chemical Spill in PA Sends Several People to Hospital

A tractor-trailer hauling pool chemicals overturned on Bangor Mountain Road on Monday. The accident caused the chemicals to spill. Stroud Township Fire Chief, Bill Unruh, stated “We had multiple patients, firefighters having to be deconned and cleared and sent to the hospital to be monitored for their conditions. So there was a little bit of an inhalation hazard. Most of the guys have been treated and released as far as I’m aware.”
Local residents are concerned about the creek located near the accident site. Brenda Ricco lives near the scene. She said “This is a protected creek. This is all part of the National Wildlife Refugee here, and that creek starts up there and goes all the way down into the river. I’m not leaving. If it’s that bad that we have to leave, then you better do something about it.”
Officials are monitoring the creek but at this time they believe the chemicals didn’t reach the waterway.

Hazmat crews work to contain spill after truck crash

May 12, 2022: Chemical Fire in Midland, TX Injures One

Photo by Tim Van

A chemical fire erupted near Impact Chemical Technologies in Midland, TX on Wednesday. Multiple fire departments across Midland and Martin County responded to the incident.
Midland County Fire Marshal, Justin Bunch, said “They were mixing or off-loading some chemical and somehow, it ignited. We got two flammable liquids involved – toluene and methanol.” Authorities are investigating why the chemicals were being mixed. One person was sent to the hospital to get treatment for flash burns.
Firefighters were able to get the fire under control within two hours. Authorities said no structures were damaged during the fire but one vehicle was a total loss.
According to the fire marshal, crews remained at the scene over night to monitor for hot spots. “They’re still working on that. The issue we have right now is an alcohol-based product. The foam we use for structure fires or petroleum fires like tank batteries doesn’t work as well with this type of fire. They get the fire out, and then it reignites.”

A chemical fire in Midland County sent one person to the hospital Wednesday night.

May 16, 2022: Settlement Reached in 2015 California Oil Spill

A Houston-based oil pipeline company has agreed to pay $230 million to settle a class action lawsuit stemming from a massive oil spill in 2015. The spill dumped thousands of gallons of oil along the coastline and was the largest in California since 1969. The exact amount of spilled oil is unknown but estimates are between 123,000 and 630,000 gallons. The spill killed hundreds of birds, seals, and other wildlife.
The company, Plains All American Pipeline, agreed to pay $184 million to fishermen and fish processors. They will also pay $46 million to coastal property owners.
Plains All American Pipeline settled the lawsuit but didn’t admit liability. One of the plaintiff’s attorneys released a statement that said “This settlement should serve as a reminder that pollution just can’t be a cost of doing business, and that corporations will be held accountable for environmental damage they cause.”
During an inspection following the incident, authorities determined the company made multiple preventable errors, failed to detect the pipeline rupture in a timely manner, and responded to the spill too slowly.
In addition to this settlement, in 2020 Plains All American Pipeline also paid $60 million to the government for the safety violations.

$230M settlement reached over 2015 California oil spill