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Hazardous Materials Transportation – A Guide to Success for Environmental, Health, & Safety Students and Professionals is the go-to resource for the smart EH&S professional who ships hazmat. You’ll learn a comprehensive approach for complying with U.S. domestic regulations in 49 CFR, Parts 171 – 180 focused on ground transportation.

We’ve taken a complex topic and made it approachable and easy to understand with everyday language. This highly usable guide will help you to confidently classify and name hazmat; select, assemble, fill, and close packagings; mark, label, and placard packages; fill out shipping papers and supply emergency response information; offer placards to drivers; and load and unload motor vehicles and rail cars. We cover the DOT’s administrative requirements like training and documentation, incident reporting, written security plans, registration triggers and more. You’ll even learn how to take advantage of money- and time-saving exceptions. And we point out common pitfalls to avoid so you’ll stay in compliance and avoid fines and penalties.

This is the only resource you’ll need outside the Code of Federal Regulations to expertly perform your hazmat functions. The guide is chock full of visual aids such as graphs, charts, examples, tables, excerpts from the regulations, and real-life photos to demonstrate and support the content. Each section includes regulatory references to help you easily locate source information and research further details when desired. It’s also well annotated with additional background information to give you everything you’ll need to be a successful hazmat shipper.

What our readers have to say…

Sky Nutall Rodio
Sky Nutall RodioEditor Read More
First, as I have read more of your manuscript, I am very impressed by your writing style and the way you have presented your material. From someone who doesn’t know as much about your topic, I have been very engaged in what you have written and find it incredibly interesting. You do a phenomenal job at presenting information on a heavier topic in a way that is very clear and easy to follow. I have read a lot of materials that are dry or difficult to follow or that would probably make readers inclined to skim through parts. Yours is the opposite, and I really don’t see that often.

…Again, awesome job on your manuscript! I can tell how much time you put into it and I think your hard work will really pay off! (Again, I don’t say that lightly!)”

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