July 7, 2021: EPA Scientists Claim Safety Assessments were Altered to Downplay Risks

Four scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)have come forward claiming managers in the chemicals office intentionally changed safety assessments in an effort to downplay the risks posed by the substances.
The request for investigation was filed by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). The four scientists allege their risk assessments had language identifying potentially adverse impacts removed and that there were considerable revisions made that changed conclusions to indicate that there aren’t toxicity concerns “despite data to the contrary.”
EPA spokesperson, Tim Carroll, said the agency is “committed to investigating alleged violations of scientific integrity.” He went on to say “It is critical that all EPA decisions are informed by rigorous scientific information and standards. EPA’s scientific integrity official and scientific integrity team members will thoroughly investigate any allegation of violation of EPA’s scientific integrity policy that they receive and work to safeguard EPA science. EPA leadership are reviewing these complaints, and any appropriate action will be taken.”

EPA employees allege changes to assessments that downplayed chemical risks

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