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January 30, 2018: DuPont Fined $57,000 in Hazardous Waste Violations

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control issued DuPont Co. fines totaling $57,000 for improperly storing hazardous waste at their Experimental Station. In May 2017 inspectors located a 55-gallon drum that was labeled as containing non-hazardous waste. It was later determined to be an ignitable hazardous waste.  The container had been picked up from The Chemours’ facility in March 2016 and placed on a storage pad owned by DuPont. It sat there for over one year, which is in violation of their state-issued permit.
DuPont spokesman Dan Turner said “The materials listed in the agency’s recently issued administrative order have been responsibly disposed of and never presented a risk to the site or the community. We take these matters seriously, and we are currently evaluating the penalty in the agency’s order.” The company has thirty days to appeal the fine.

DNREC issues $57,000 fine to DuPont for hazardous waste violations