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November 7, 2017: Nearly 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall for 37.8 million Kiddie fire extinguishers due to concerns that they may not function properly during an emergency. They have been sold across the United States over the past several decades. Some of the models being included in the recall have been recalled for unrelated issues in the past.
There have already been over 400 reports of the fire extinguishers malfunctioning, including `16 injuries and one death.
According to The Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are two issues with the fire extinguishers. The first concern is the possibility that the nozzles can fly off and become dangerous projectiles. The second issue is that the plastic handles and push buttons can become clogged. This can prevent the extinguisher from discharging properly.
The recalled extinguishers will be replaced by Kiddie at no cost to the consumer. The replacement extinguishers are made using metal parts to prevent these issues from recurring.

Massive government recall covers 37.8M Kidde fire extinguishers

Complete List of Recalled Models