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December 13, 2016: UPS and FedEx Announce Restrictions on Lithium Batteries

As of January 1, 2017 FedEx Express and UPS will no longer be accepting shipments containing stand alone lithium batteries under the reduced regulations listed in Section II of the IATA PI 965 and 968.
The batteries that fall into that category are small lithium metal (UN 3090) cells not more than 1g and lithium metal batteries not more than 2g. Also included in that category are lithium ion (UN 3480) cells not more than 20Wh and lithium ion batteries not more than 100Wh.
These batteries will be required to be prepared using Section 1A or 1B of the IATA DGR Packing Instruction 965 (for lithium ion) or 968 (for lithium metal).

UPS – Shipping Batteries or Devices With Batteries

FedEx Express – Shipping Lithium Batteries