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November 21, 2016: Petition for Waiver of Compliance

In April 2009 FRA granted an application that was submitted by Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit District (SMART) for the discontinuance or removal of the interlocking signal system on several drawbridges, including the Haystack Landing Drawbridge.
SMART has recently requested the conditions of the waiver be adjusted to facilitate the establishment of commuter rail operations on the mainline. The line has been rebuilt and now complies with Class IV track standards. The line is also equipped with an ATC system, which is interlocked with the new Haystack Landing Drawbridge and its approaches. The system is interlocked with the new control point at Hopper South, which enforces the 50 mph speed limit for passenger trains and 40 mph for freight trains that travel over the bridge.
Interested parties may submit comments on the petition until December 21, 2016.

Docket Number FRA–2008–0010