FMCSA HazMat Alerts Safety Advisories

May 27, 2016: (SA) Safety Advisory Issued Regarding TYTAL Cargo Tank Motor Vehicles

A safety advisory has been issued to owners and operators of TYTAL cargo tank motor vehicles with capacities of 8,400, 8,717, and 10,500 gallons. These CTMVs, which are primarily used to transport Petroleum Crude Oil (UN1267),  are not compliant with Hazardous Materials Regulations and do not meet DOT 407 specification requirements. The 8,400 and 8,717 gallon cargo tanks have proven to provide inadequate damage protection during an accident. 10,500 gallon cargo tanks have also been shown to provide inadequate damage protection during an accident and are inadequate in venting capacity of pressure relief systems.
TYTAL has informed their customers of the deficiencies and is providing free repairs. FMCSA has advised owners and operators that these cargo tanks are not authorized for transporting hazardous materials until repaired in compliance with the HMR. FMCSA will initiate enforcement actions against any owner or operator found to be transporting hazardous materials in a non-compliant cargo tank as of June 1, 2016.

 Safety Advisory: Immediate Repair and Retesting of Cargo Tank Motor Vehicles Manufactured by Trailers Y Tanques De Aluminio (TYTAL)