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Do You Have Questions About Storing, Handling, Transporting, or Disposing of Hazardous Materials?

STARS HazMat Helpline is an annual consulting subscription service that allows you to reach a team of experts whenever you need them
Our Experts Specialize in Hazardous Waste Management & Hazardous Materials Transportation for Rail, Air, Highway, Vessel, and Pipeline
STARS has the expertise to answer all of your HazMat questions including:
  • International or Domestic Transportation by rail, road, air, water, or pipeline – DOT (United States Ground) IATA/ICAO (International Air), IMDG/IMO (International Vessel), TDG (Canada)
  • Storage, Handling, Disposal of Hazardous Materials (OSHA, EPA, and Industry Best Practices)
  • MSDS/SDS support or classification
  • Marking, Placarding, Labeling
  • Package selection and securement
  • Shipping Papers, OTMAs, and other required documentation
  • Transport vehicles (railroad tank cars, tank trucks, etc)
  • Security Plans, HazMat Registration, Emergency Response Information
  • Regulatory Guidelines
  • and Much More!
All communication with STARS is confidential


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