Notices or Meetings Proposed Rules

March 15, 2016: (NPRM) Train Crew Staffing

The Federal Railroad Administration is proposing regulations that would determine the minimum required train crew size. The size will be determined based on the type of operation being performed. Most railroad operations would require no less than two crew members but will allow for exceptions if the operation does not pose a safety risk to the environment, public, or railroad employees. The rule would also establish the roles and responsibilities of the second crew member on a moving train.
The proposed rule will offer two options should a railroad wish to start a new operation or continue an existing operation with only one crew member. Both options will require the railroad to provide FRA with safety related information and describe the operation. One option would require an FRA review and would grant approval for up to 90 days. The second option would allow the operation to begin or continue without the review and approval waiting period  or while the review is taking place. Interested parties may submit comments until May 16, 2016.

Docket No. FRA–2014–0033, Notice No. 1