FRA HazMat Alerts

November 16, 2015: Petition for Waiver of Compliance

Kansas City Southern Railway is petitioning the FRA for a waiver of compliance on the accepted practice of stop/start rail testing. KCS would like to start a 3 year pilot test process of nonstop continuous testing that would begin on November 1. The test process would take place on the main tracks between Kansas City Missouri and Heavener Oklahoma on the Pittsburg subdivision and Heavener subdivision. Upon completion the test process will then expand to include the Shreveport Subdivision in Louisiana. KCS is intending to test the subdivisions within a 30 – 45 day frequency.
A bimonthly report that includes the in-service rail failure ratios, a report on the miles tested, and the frequency of the testing will be produced for the managers of FRA’s Rail and Infrastructure Integrity Division.
The data collected from the nonstop continuous rail testing vehicle will be analyzed from a remote location facility by experts who are experienced in reviewing Rail Flaw Detection test data. KCS believes nonstop continuous rail testing provides the ability to test track faster and more regularly.

Docket No. FRA-2015-0115