IATA/ICAO HazMat Alerts Safety Advisories

October 8, 2015: (SA) FAA Issues Safety Alert Concerning Lithium Batteries

The Federal Aviation Administration released a few strongly recommended actions for certificate holders regarding passengers carrying lithium batteries in their checked luggage.  Certificate holders should ensure all personnel handling passenger luggage are aware that they are required to report all incidents involving fire, rupture, explosion or heat sufficient to be dangerous to either packaging or personal safety that occurs as a result of a battery or battery powered device. Make sure the passengers are being informed that spare lithium batteries are not permitted in any of their checked bags. Evaluate the training and communication protocols that your company will follow in the event of an incident involving lithium batteries.
In addition to these recommendations, the FAA also urges certificate holders to ensure that lithium batteries that are in passengers carry on luggage do not exceed the allowable size or quantity permitted by the federal regulations, make sure spare batteries do not come in contact with metal while in the passengers bag, and ensure each battery is individually protected to prevent short circuits.

SAFO 15010