Final Rules FRA HazMat Alerts

July 29, 2015: (FR) FRA Issued Final Rule Regarding Unattended Trains

The Federal Railroad Administration announced a final rule that is designed to prevent unattended trains that are carrying crude, ethanol, poisonous by inhalation, toxic by inhalation and other highly flammable materials from rolling away. This rule will apply to any train that is left unattended on a main line, siding or rail yard  and is also carrying poisonous by inhalation or toxic by inhalation materials or carrying 20 or more cars of any other high-hazard flammable materials.
Under the new rule the railroad employees responsible for securing trains will be required to communicate with another qualified and trained individual in order to verify trains and equipment are properly secured.
In addition to the required communication, the rule also requires an appropriate number of hand brakes be set, air brakes are properly used, locomotives must have properly installed and utilized exterior locks and the removal of the train reverser.
The final rule will be effective 60 days from the date that it is published in the Federal Register.

FRA Announces Final Rule to Prevent Unattended Trains From Rolling Away