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June 19, 2015: EPA Seeking Input on Risk Management Plan Regulation

 The Environmental Protection Agency is inviting small businesses, governments and not-for-profit organizations to participate in its Small Business Advocacy Review (SBAR) as Small Business Entity Representatives (SERs). The purpose of the panel is to focus on EPA’s development of a rule that proposes to modify the current Risk Management Plan (RMP) regulation in order to reduce the possibility of accidental release of toxic and/or flammable substances at chemical facilities and improving emergency response when those releases do occur. The panel will consist of federal representatives from the SBA, OMB and EPA. The panel members will ask a selected group of SERs to provide advice and recommendations on behalf of either their company, community, or organization so the panel members can understand the potential impacts of the proposed rule on small entities.

EPA Seeks Input on Modernizing the Risk Management Plan (RMP) Rule