Proposed Rules

May 21, 2015: (NPRM) PHMSA Proposing To Amend Safety Regulations

PHMSA has issued a proposed rulemaking that would amend the natural and other gas pipeline safety regulations (49 CFR part 192) in order to address regulatory requirements involving plastic piping systems that are used in gas services. PHMSA is issuing this proposal in an effort to correct errors, address inconsistencies and respond to petitions for rulemaking. Several areas are covered in the proposal include, but are not limited to, incorporating tracking and traceability provisions, design factors for polyethylene pipe, more stringent mechanical fitting requirements, updated/additional regulations for risers, expanded use of Polyamide-11 thermoplastic pipe, incorporating Polyamide-12 thermoplastic pipe and incorporating updated/additional standards for fittings.

Pipeline Safety: Plastic Pipe Rule