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March 13, 2015: Railworthiness Directive for Railroad Tank Cars Equipped With Certain McKenzie Valve & Machining LLC Valves

The Federal Railroad Administration's investigations have identified several tank cars transporting hazardous materials that are leaking small amounts of the product from the cars' liquid lines. The investigation revealed that the leaking tank cars were equipped with a specific type of 33 ball valve that is marketed and sold by McKenzie Valve and Machining, an affiliate of Union Tank Car Company. The FRA found certain closure plugs that were installed on the 33 valves cause mechanical damage to the valves which can lead to the destruction of the valves' seal integrity. The valves provided by this manufacturer ware not approved for use on tank cars. The FRA has issued a railworthiness directive to all owners of tank cars that are currently used to transport hazardous materials in the US to ensure the valves in question are removed and replaced with approved valves that meet federal regulations.

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