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March 12, 2015: (PR) Transport Canada Issues an Update on TC-140 Tank Car Specifications

Transport Canada has been working on introducing a new class of tank cars for transporting flammable liquids by rail. In July 2014 Transport Canada published  a final rule concerning the building of flammable liquid tank cars to a higher standard in the Canada Gazette. The requirements at the time were intended to include thicker steel, half head shield and top fitting protection.
Since that time Transport Canada has received recommendations from the Transportation Safety Board to include even more stringent requirements for tank cars that will be transporting flammable liquids. Furthermore, Transport Canada recognizes the integrated nature of rail transport in North America and has received recommendations from the Transportation of Dangerous Goods General Policy Advisory Council that indicates a harmonized standard is essential.
Transport Canada continues to work closely with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration to develop stricter requirements for those tank cars that will be transporting flammable liquids in North America.
This new standard was previously referred to as TC-140 but will now be referred to as TC-117. The new standards will apply to any tank car that is going to be used to transport flammable liquid be jacketed, thermally protected, have thicker steel, full head shields, top fitting protection and new bottom outlet valve. In addition, the new standard will require the industry to manufacture new tank cars that meet the TC-117 requirements once it is in force.
Transport Canada would propose a risk-based approach for the implementation of the new tank cars that would be driven by the type of tank car and the flammable liquid that is being transported.

To read the complete proposed rule please visit Transport Canada's Website