PHMSA HazMat Alerts Safety Advisories

November 28, 2014: (SA) Refilling Single-Use Cylinders

PHMSA has recently become aware of the adaptors that are promising to allow refilling of DOT 39 specification gas cylinders. Unfortunately DOT 39 cylinders are not reusable and have been manufactured as one-time use only. Federal law prohibits anyone from refilling these cylinders or transporting cylinders that have been refilled. Anyone doing so is subject to a $500,000 penalty and five years in prison. This warning is posted on the DOT 39 cylinders.
PHMSA stated “We strongly recommend that the general public refrain from refilling DOT 39 cylinders because of the one-time use design of these cylinders, and the purchase and use of any adaptor sold as a means to refill DOT 39 cylinders creates a potential risk of fire, explosion, serious injury and property damage.”
To read the safety advisory please visit Hazardous Cargo Bulletin