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December 1, 2014: University of Findlay Alumna Helping to Combat Ebola

Wendy Buckley, president and founder of Specialty Transportation and Regulatory Services (STARS), was recently contacted by the federal government and asked to help a U.S. based company ship potentially dangerous chemicals to Africa that have been deemed vital in the battle against Ebola. Ms. Buckley was honored to help and recently oversaw the safe loading and shipping of the calcium hypochlorite powder onto a cargo ship bound for Liberia. STARS main focus is to assist companies in the development of cost effective ways to achieve voluntary compliance with federal hazardous materials regulations. However, Ms. Buckley's vast experience in the field of hazardous materials prepared her for such a task. Although she holds multiple degrees her most recent academic achievement has been to graduate from The University of Findlay with her master's degree in environmental safety and health management. When asked why she chose to participate in this shipment despite the fact that her company typically does not handle this type of work she stated "How could I deny thousands of people something that could possibly prevent them from dying from this horrible disease?" To read the complete article please visit UF Newsroom

If you or someone you know has any questions concerning the federal hazardous materials regulations contact Wendy Buckley at STARS Consulting