PHMSA HazMat Alerts Proposed Rules

August 1, 2014: (ANPRM) (HM251B) PHMSA Issued ANPRM Seeking Comments on Revisions That Would Expand Applicability of OSRPs

PHMSA, in cooperation with the FRA, has issued an ANPRM seeking comments on potential revisions that would expand the applicability of the comprehensive oil spill response plans (OSRPs) to high hazard flammable trains (HHFTs) based on the amount of crude oil that is being transported on the train. An OSRP is intended to ensure that personnel are properly trained and available, equipment is in place to respond to oil spills, and that procedures are established before spills occur so that required notifications and appropriate response actions will follow quickly after a spill. Current standards only require an OSRP when oil is in a quantity greater than 42,000 gallons per package. PHMSA believes that the number of railroads that actually have a comprehensive OSPR is very low or non-existent.
PHMSA is requesting detailed comments to 9 specific questions by September 30, 2014. Read the entire ANPRM and view the questions here