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July 2, 2014: (NPRM) Transport Canada’s New Tank Car Proposal & TDG Regulatory Amendment

On July 2, 2014 Transport Canada adopted new requirements for TC/DOT-111 tank cars that are used to transport dangerous goods by rail by incorporating the technical standard TP14877, Containers for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail (CPC 1232). The new requirements establish a minimum threshold for rail cars that transport dangerous goods, including but not limited to petroleum crude oil and ethanol.
Transport Canada is contemplating the development of specifications for an even more robust class of tank cars (Class TC-140) that will be based on both the industry and the Association of American Railroad Tank Car Committee proposals in addition to technical discussions with PHMSA. The technical discussions have led to the development of stricter requirements which include full head-shields, thicker steel, electronically controlled braking systems and improved bottom outlet valves.
Once the standard is adopted in the TDG Regulations, Transport Canada expects the industry to manufacture any new rail tank car that is coming into flammable liquid service to meet the new Class TC-140 requirements and to retrofit all TC/DOT-111 tank cars that transport flammable liquids within the time frame outlined by the proposed regulations.
Stakeholders are being asked to provide their comments regarding the new proposed Class TC-140 tank car to Transport Canada on or before September 1, 2014.
For further instructions on where to submit your comments and to read the proposal in full please visit Transport Canada: Regulatory Proposals under Development