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July 2, 1014: (SA) PHMSA – Unauthorized Certification of Compressed Gas Cylinders

The Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Advisory (PHMSA) has issued a safety advisory to the public concerning any DOT-Specification or DOT-Special Permit high pressure compressed gas cylinders that were marked as complying with the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) by Always Safe Fire Extinguisher and Safety (ASFES), located in Yonkers NY, are not authorized for the transportation of hazardous materials in commerce. It is important to note that ASFES has never been authorized by PHMSA to perform these regulatory functions. Cylinders that were serviced by ASFES from 2008 through present day and contain markings that list the date as a 2 digit month – star – 2 digit year may not have been properly tested. These cylinders are to be considered unsafe and not authorized for the filling of hazardous material unless they have been properly tested by an individual or company authorized to re-qualify DOT specification and special permit cylinders. Using cylinders that have not been re-qualified may result in a rupture of the cylinder which could cause extensive property damage, serious personal injury or death.
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