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April 23, 2014: (NPRM) Addressing the Safety of DOT-111 Tank Cars Carrying Dangerous Goods

On January 11, 2014 Transport Canada proposed a new standard for the DOT-111 tank car, which is used for the transportation of liquid dangerous goods. The proposed changes include mandating thicker steel, additional top fitting and head shield protection. All DOT-111 tank cars that have been built before the proposed standard changes are to be either phased out or refitted within three years. Transport Canada is currently working with U.S. officials to determine if any additional requirements are needed for the North American fleet of tank cars.
Furthermore, Transport Canada is also issuing a Protective Direction that would require immediate phase out of the least crash resistant tank cars. The tank cars that are to be removed from service would include those that are not equipped with continuous bottom reinforcement since they pose a higher risk of failure in a derailment. This change would cause approximately 5,000 tank cars in North America to be immediately removed from dangerous goods service. They can, however, be repurposed to transport non-dangerous goods in Canada.
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