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April 23, 2014: (FR) TC – Protective Direction #34 re: Tank Car Design and Construction

Canada Issues Protective Direction 34 regarding Tank Car design and construction; it is expected that this order will immediately affect approximately 5,000 railroad tank cars.

  1. Every tank car owner, as defined in CGSB 43.147-2005 (as amended July 2008), must immediately identify each of its tank cars that meet the following criteria:

    1. The tank car is of stub sill design and of a CTC 111, DOT 111 or AAR 211 specification;
    2. The tank car shell is made of non-normalized ASTM A515 Grade 70 steel plates;
    3. The bottom shell of the tank car does not have exterior heater coils; and
    4. The bottom shell of the tank car is not continuously reinforced between the end of one of the stub sill’s reinforcing plate (stub sill cradle pad) to the end of the other stub sill’s reinforcing plate by reinforcing steel bars, steel plate or other structural shapes or by other structural elements such as a bottom discontinuity protection device.
  2. A tank car owner must ensure that every tank car it identifies in 1) is marked with the words “Do not load with dangerous goods in Canada/Ne pas charger de marchandises dangereuses au Canada” or similar words to that effect.
  3. No person shall offer for transport, transport, handle or import dangerous goods in a rail tank car that meets the description in 1) or has been marked in accordance with 2).
  4. Despite 3), any dangerous goods in a tank car identified in 1) in transport on the day before this Protective Direction takes effect must arrive at their final destination within 30 days of the day this Protective Direction takes effect, where they must immediately be unloaded and the tank car must be marked in accordance with 2).
  5. A tank car owner must provide the reporting mark of each car marked in 2) within 30 days of the day this Protective Direction takes effect, to:

    Clive M. Law
    Director of Compliance and Response
    Transport Dangerous Goods
    Transport Canada
    Place de Ville, Tower C
    330 Sparks Street,
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0N5

SIGNED AT OTTAWA, ONTARIO, this 23rd day of April 2014.

This Protective Direction takes effect immediately upon signing. It remains in effect until the earlier of:

the day it is cancelled in writing by the Director General of the Transport Dangerous Goods Directorate, Transport Canada, or the day on which a regulation respecting the above subject matter is made under section 27 of the Act

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