PHMSA HazMat Alerts Proposed Rules

February 25, 2014: (NPRM) – PHMSA Withdrawing Proposal to Further Regulate CTMV loading/unloading


PHMSA has withdrawn its proposal for additional regulations associated with cargo tank motor vehicle (CTMV) loading or unloading operations. This action is based on the findings of the regulatory assessment, comments to docket of this rulemaking, and completion of a supplementary policy analysis on how best to address the safety risks of bulk loading and unloading operations. As an alternative to new regulatory requirements, PHMSA will be issuing a guidance document to provide best practices for CTMV loading and unloading operations; and will be conducting research to better understand the wide range of human factors that contribute to hazardous materials incidents including those associated with CTMV loading and unloading operations.