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May 10, 2013: (NTC) PHMSA – Extension of deadline re: addtional marking req’s for DOT-SP9275

 EXTENSION OF DEADLINE: Extension of Additional Marking Requirements for DOT-SP9275
DOT SP-9275 authorizes certain limited quantities of liquids and solids containing ethyl alcohol (i.e., the shipment of beverages, foods, cosmetics, medicines, medical screening solutions, and concentrates) classed as flammable liquids or solids containing a flammable liquid (ethyl alcohol) to be shipped without having to meet some of the hazmat transportation regulations, such as marking requirements. However, the new language would require the package to be marked with the Company Name, and “Contains Ethyl Alcohol, exempted quantity.” The original date of implementation was September 1, 2012 but this has twice been extended, with current implementation set for July 1, 2014. There are many companies and organizations opposing the implementation of these additional requirements but so far, PHMSA has not given any indication that this plan will be cancelled. This SP is being considered for incorporation into the regulations under HM-233C.