Final Rules IATA/ICAO HazMat Alerts

October 31, 2012: (FR) IATA Amendment #2 53rd Ed. (2012)

IATA DGR Amendment 2 to 53rd Edition (2012)

IATA has issued an unprecedented second amendment to the 2012 IATA DGR effective November 1, 2012. This change reflects IATA’s (and ICAO’s) decision to allow postal operators to accept lithium batteries contained in equipment with CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approval beginning on November 1, 2012. These regulations were intended to be effective January 1, 2013 but some postal carriers were able to obtain approval early, hence the change in effective date. You can see IATA’s website and comments on that same page, as well as the original Amendment 1 to the 53rd edition.