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May 30, 2012: (NTC) PHMSA – combustible liquids


PHMSA has cancelled their plans to effectively abolish the combustible hazard class in HM-242. Despite the benefits to international commerce, non-bulk shippers did not want to lose the associated relief and bulk shippers were reluctant to send them as non-hazardous because of the very real hazards posed during transport. On April 5, 2012, PHMSA published their intent to revise the regulations pertaining to combustible liquids, a classification unique to US domestic transportation. PHMSA intended to harmonize these rules with existing international standards, which do not currently regulate combustible liquids (those liquids with a flashpoint of 141-200 degrees F). They also discussed revising the marking and placarding requirements of these materials and expanding current exceptions. However, due to negative feedback from the industry, PHMSA withdrew the advance notice of proposed rulemaking.