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May 24, 2013: (NTC) PHMSA – emergency recall of cylinders

Emergency Recall of Cylinders and Termination of Lite Cylinder Co’s Registration, Requalification, and Special Permits

Today PHMSA issued an Emergency Recall of the following:

  1. All cylinders manufactured by the Lite Cylinder Company, Inc. out of Franklin, TN; they would likely be marked with special permit numbers DOT-SP14562 (which includes DOT-SP13957), or DOT-SP13105 (All three SP’s have been terminated for all users)
  2. Requalified cylinders by Lite Cylinder under Requalification Approval H706 (this approval # has been terminated)
  3. Any cylinder manufactured under registration number M5729 (this registration # has been terminated)

The recall will affect 55,000 composite cylinders currently in circulation, mostly in Liquefied Petroleum Gas service. View Recall Notice, Termination Letter, and Recall Flyer.