Final Rules PHMSA HazMat Alerts

January 1, 2013: PHMSA – (FR) “Y” LTD QTY label required for Air Shipments

“Y” LTD QTY Label NOW REQUIRED for hazmat shipments in limited quantities by air transportation! HM-215K

This is a reminder that the Y LTD QTY label is now the only acceptable label for shipping “Limited Quantities” of hazardous materials by air as of 1/1/2013. For those in the US, this means that the old style with the UN ID number in the middle are no longer permitted for air. (see below)

Please also remember that if you use the “Y” label on a package that you intend to go for ground transportation only, the Y indicates that it is in all respects in compliance with requirements for air transportation so your package must meet that requirement. This includes (depending upon the hazard class and packing group): absorbent material, secondary closures, quantity limitations applicable to LTD QTY air transportation, and packages tested to 95kp of pressure.

No longer permitted for LTD QTY air shipments:Wht Sq on Pt

Now Required for LTD QTY air shipments : Y LTD QTY